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‘Baahubali’ India’s answer to The Lord of the Rings?

‘Baahubali’ India’s answer to The Lord of the Rings

Adivi Sesh, who is set to start shooting for SS Rajamouli’s Telugu period-drama Baahubali Sep 29 onwards, says the film will be India’s answer to The Lord of the Rings franchise. ”I’m really looking forward to start shooting for the film.

Srikanth hopes to revive career with Kshatriya

Srikanth hopes to revive career with Kshatriya

With five back-to-back flops, actor Srikanth’s career has hit a rough patch, but he is confident that he will bounce back with upcoming Telugu action-drama Kshatriya. ”I believe Kshatriya will bring me back in the league. I know some of my recent films didn’t do well, but I believe this film won’t let me down,” he says.

Union Ministry to Chiru – Harsha Kumar

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Harsha Kumar came up with few solutions to stream line the party in the state. He suggested the leadership to induct Chiranjeevi into the Union Cabinet, appoint a dalit leader as PCC Chief and offer a ministry to present AP Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana. In his opinion, Congress will be doing justice to the Samajika Nyayam slogan by making these changes.

Rajmouli Reveals No.1 Hero of Tollywood


The war of words between fans and the fight for sharing collections is all for the sake of finding out whom exactly is the No.1 of Tollywood now. But ace director Rajamouli is having a different view on this, which will shock you to the core.

T-Town Producers Hot birthday party


Where there is beauty there is always entertainment and good times. And that holds good for the film industry. The reason we say this is after hearing about this evening which was filled with fun, glamour and most important some memorable moments much to the delight of all those present.

Anushka demands 2 crores for acting in Telugu Movie

Anushka ,Remuneration, Tollywood, Hot Actress

While giving nod to the story and her character, the sexy-seductress has quoted cool two-crores as her payment. Rather stopping at this, the actress is said to have given some phone numbers of financiers to this young-man.

DSP Dominated by Thaman in T- Town

Devi Sri Prasad, SS Thaman, Music Directors ,Tollywood

Competition is common in any field and in the cinema field, the departments are many. Usually, the tough fight is seen in the heroes and directors sector but another place has joined the list. This is the field of music directors and with each passing day, new talent has been coming out.

Young stars in Politics

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TDP always had enough support from Tolloywood, since the party origin itself is from the personality of Film Industry.The party has it’s own family hero’s. The same story repeats when Chiranjeevi Started his party PRP. PRP party got immense support from his family members.

2012 Keeping me too too busy: Kona Venkat

Kona Venkat, Brand, Dialogues ,Dialogue Writer ,Tollywood

Kona Venkat is in the Industry for many years and has several blockbusters to his credit. If we have a close look at his career graph, his popularity has skyrocketed ever since Dookudu has hit the screens. Is there anyone who could forget MS Narayana’s ‘Kalla Kinda Carry Bags …” dialogue?

Ballaya would become CM of the AP like his father: TDP worker

Balakrishna, NTR ,Self Respect ,Of Telugus, Active ,Politics, TDP ,Elections

Senior actor and TDP star campaigner Nandamuri Balakrishna is playing NTR’s card ‘Self Respect of Telugus’ to bring back TDP to power.

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