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లాయిర్ గా కనిపించనున్న శ్రుతిహాసన్


శ్రుతిహాసన్ త్వరలో లాయిర్ గా కనిపించి అలరించనుంది. ఆ పాత్ర ఆమెకు కొత్త అని మురిసిపోతోంది. ‘వీరం’ తర్వాత అజిత్‌, దర్శకుడు శివ కాంబినేషన్‌లో తెరకెక్కుతున్న రెండో చిత్రంలో శ్రుతిహాసన్‌ హీరోయిన్. తొలిసారిగా శ్రుతిహాసన్…అజిత్ సరసన చేస్తోంది. ఇంకా పేరుపెట్టని ఈ సినిమాలో లక్ష్మీమేనన్‌, అజిత్‌కు చెల్లెలుగా నటిస్తోంది. ఇందులో శ్రుతిహాసన్‌ లాయిర్ పాత్ర పోషిస్తున్నట్లు కోలీవుడ్‌ సమాచారం. కోల్‌కత నేపథ్యంలో సాగే కథతో ఈ సినిమాను రూపొందిస్తున్నారని కూడా వార్తలు వినిపిస్తున్నాయి. ప్రస్తుతం మూడో షెడ్యూల్‌ చిత్రీకరణ […]

No Sankranthi For Gabbar singh

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When it comes to the festival of Sankranthi the Tollywood folks treat it with great respect and reverence. While on the work front, they release some of the promising and big budget movies, on the personal front, they ensure that they spend time with their families and stay away from work.

Fan Made trailer of Gabbar singh

gabbar singh pawankalyan,sruthi hassan

Fan Made trailer of Gabbar singh

Gabbar Singh Slated to release on Apr 27

Gabbar singh, Pawan Kalyan, Sruthi hassan,Dabbang remake, devisri prasad,Harishshankar, pawan, power star

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh is slated to be released on April 27. The movie’s Pollachi schedule was completed in December and its Hyderabad schedule will begin from Jan. 5. After this schedule, in which crucial scenes will be shot on Pawan, Ajay and others, the unit would move to a schedule in Pune.

Extra care for Why this kolaveri Di

Sruthi Hassan, new projects, 3, three, dhanush,Kollywood, Shruti, why this kolaveri di,Aishwarya

Aishwarya Dhanush’s wife and Rajinikanth daughter admits ,life has changed drastically for Dhanush. He has finally got his due recognition ,she also says kolaveri has opened up a huge platform for us in the north with this song dhanush has finally branched out and made it nationally.

Chit chat with Kolaveri Di team

kolaveri Di, remix , political, parody, chit chat, sruthi hassan, dhanush

Check out this video

3 movie stills


3 movie stills

Clash between NTR and Kajal agrawal

kajal agrawal,magadheera,ramcharan teja, merupu, VV vinayak, Dammu, trisha, sruthi hassan, NTR, brindavanam

We all know that shruthi hassan is walked out from the movie Dammu. After that film makers choose the sexy seductress kajal agrawal to that movie as a female lead. But later we heard that kajal is also replaced by the trisha. The reason for that is revealed now

SH hopes on T-town Dabbang

Heroine's Hot Statement On Clothes

Shruti Hassan’s latest release Oh My Friend too didn’t fulfill her hopes of bagging that big hit. This film is likely to end up as average at best. Shruti starred in five films in all the languages till date and is yet to score her first hit.

Oh my friend Press note about Print status

siddharth, oh my friend, venu sri ram, bommarillu, dil raju,sruthi hassan, Hansika

Dil Raju’s Siddarth, Shruthi Haasan and Hansika starrer Oh My Friend prints dispatched from Hyderabad. Two people were carrying print to New York and Bay area. We will be receiving them tomorrow (Nov 10th Thursday) by 7:30am EST in New York(JFK) and 1:30pm PST in San Francisco (SFO) local times and will be dispatched to final destinations as soon as they were landed here.

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