Rajamouli Misleading Hero Nani

nani eega updates, rajamouli hero, director , eega movie updatesThe tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli and his influence on the box office and his graph as a director needs no introduction. Today, there are many who are aspiring to be like him maintaining 100% success record. However, it is now heard that Rajamouli seems to be influencing a hero as well who is getting misled.

He is the talented Nani. Apparently, Nani is the hero of Rajamouli’s graphical extravaganza ‘Eega’. However, unit members reveal that the hero has got so inspired and influenced by Rajamouli’s working style that he is now keen on directing a film. Buzz is that Nani has been scouting for some nice scripts.

But then, this news is not going well with few cine seniors. They mention that Nani is right now in the budding stages of his career as a hero and he has the potential to get into stardom league.  But if he gets diverted into other streams like directing and producing, it will cause a dent to his acting career. Let us see what Nani has in mind.

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