Six Pack hero from Mahesh Babu Family

Mahesh Babu brother in Law Sudhir Six Pack Body,New Hero from Mahesh Babu family,Mahesh Babu brother in law Sudhir dance,Mahesh Babu brother in law sudhir babu as hero in SMSMahesh Babu is the only hero in the recent times that was solely bearing the burden of continuing the legacy of his father. All other families have more than one hero to do so. Now Mahesh Babu’s brother in law Sudhir Babu raised up his hand to have a go at the box office.

Sudhir is making debut with SMS movie that is lined up for release on February 10. Sudhir sports six pack abs in this film. He is a natural fighter with athletic body and he could be a good action hero with that chiseled body. Sudhir also is a very good dancer. He might be considered as one of the best dancing heroes in T town.

Dances and Six pack abs are something that Mahesh Babu can’t associate with. His fans are a little bit disappointed in this aspect. Now they have Sudhir to fill that gap. So now Mahesh family too has a complete package of heroes who doesn’t compete with each other but combined together could give other groups of heroes run for their money.

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