Bellamkonda likes to promote second fiddles

Hot Actress Saloni and Aksha Without paying huge remunerations, no big-combination can be set and a film cannot generate hype, is the mantra of our big-fat-belly. Bellamkonda Suresh, the golden producer of the tinsel town always had a penchant for second-fiddles.

Off late, Bellamkonda is giving greater importance to second heroine too, though the main lead is a star-heroine already. One can notice this in Ram’s KANDIREEGA and the latest Venky’s BODYGUARD. Short and sexy Aksha is given back to back chances by him in RIDE as heroine and in KANDIREEGA as second-fiddle. Bellamkonda never promoted Hansika, the main lead of the film and it is Aksha to steal the lime-light at all events related to promotion of the movie. Now it looks like milky white Saloni is the girl who sizzled alongside Trisha in BODYGUARD.

It can be noticed that Trisha is absent at all the post-release events of BODYGUARD and this is very clear that Bellamkonda likes to promote second fiddles, but not first ones. Insiders are saying, ‘Saloni’s glam will be used to the fullest in the next ventures of Bellamkonda and that too as a second fiddle again’.

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