Mega fans are angry with Ram charan

Ram Charan, Racha, Flops ,Mega Fans, ChiranjeeviYoung Hero Ram Charan, who was projected as the successor to Chiranjeevi in Film Industry, is irritating the hardcore fans of the Mega family with his moves.

Though Charan has fulfilled the thirst of his fans to some extent with the magnum opus ‘Magadheera’, his third film ‘Orange’ has bitten the dust. Sadly, even after nearly 14 months of Orange release (November 26, 2010), there is no official confirmation about the release date of his upcoming film ‘Racha’. And the most annoying thing is the stuff Charan has been posting on his twitter page.

Ram Charan’s Tweets – “I’m addicted to angry birds game on my ipad. I can’t just give up…I’m becoming angrier as I play this game”, “A beautiful quote by Chanakya “Don’t be too honest in this World, Because Straight Trees are always Chosen 1st for Cutting…!!”.

“What’s the use of posting such things on Twitter? At least, he should try to post some film related news or pics to make us happy,” a mega fan said.

Apparently, Mega Fans were irked with the back-to-back hits delivered by Mahesh Babu. “When Chiru was in films, the fans of other heroes used to look up to us. But now, the situation has changed. Our fans were showing interest to join other heroes fan clubs,” opined another hardcore fan of Chiru.

The responsibility lies heavily on Ram Charan to protect the interest of the fans, who were a hard-earned wealth of his father. Hope Charan understands the pain of his fans!

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