Balayya Stands in opposition to Purandeswari

Balakrishna, NTR ,purandeswari, congress,TDP ,Elections,chandrababu naidu, CBNOf course, it’s an open secret that whoever the candidate might be, he/she is bound to lose the battle against Daggubati Purandeswari, given the fact that she is the daughter of Legend NTR and having an added advantage of being one of the most efficient leaders in the country.

Apparently, there are many leaders within the Congress party who openly express their desire to replace her after the completion of her term, to cash on Purandeswari’s good work till then. But, there are none who would dare to contest against her and even if some one tries, the result can be predicted even before the polling date.

Is there anyone who could win against Purandeswari? ‘Yes’ is the answer by TDP leaders and cadre. And the one happens to be Nandamuri Balakrishna, who is poster-boy of TDP in 2014 elections. There is a talk in the political circles that Balakrishna would be contesting against Purandeswari in Visakhapatnam.

“If Balakrishna contests from Visakha, we would ensure that he is elected with a thumping majority. All the fans (NTR/Balakrishna/TDP) would vote for Balayya and NTR’s daughter tag wouldn’t work anymore,” opined the people of Visakha.

In 2009 elections, most of the TDP workers voted for Purandeswari, despite chandrababu fielding his party candidate. But if Balayya is in the picture, Purandeswari will surely lose the TDP vote bank along with a majority of Congress cadre.

Whether Balakrishna would agree for this proposal or not is a million dollar question now, given the close bonding he shares with his sister. Not to forget that Balayya himself had announced that he is open to contest from any seat in the state, if party suggests. Who knows what’s on Babu’s mind?

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