PCC Cheif Botsa Criticizes Chandrababu naidu

Chandrababu Telangana Botsa Satyanarayana Jagan YatrasPCC Chief Botsa Satyanarayana alleged that TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu has no guts to announce a clear stand on the Telangana issue.

“Chandrababu is not having any clarity about anything, including the statehood issue. He got no guts to announce a clear stand on Telangana. Being the heads of the political parties, Babu and Jagan should make their policy clear, instead of escaping by claiming they never spoke against the Telangana,” said Botsa.

When the media quizzed him about why the Congress party didn’t announce a clear stand on Telangana till now, Botsa defended his party saying,”Congress party would make its stand clear on Telangana in the  all-party meeting convened by Home Minister Chidambaram”.

The PCC Chief also described the ‘Yatras’ of Chandrababu and YS Jagan in Telangana as the political stunts to gain mileage.

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