TRS Stops agitation in Hyderabad

Jagan Mohan Reddy, TRS, Telangana, JAC, HyderabadHyderabad is considered as the soul of Telengana as majority of the protest were successfully held in Hyderabad in the past. Now TRS and JAC are keeping Hyderabad away from Telengana agitations.

Recently, TRS and JAC stated that they won’t allow Chandra Babu to step into Telengana region for prestigious Raithu Poru Bata. Similarly they warned Jagan that they will not allow him to enter into Nizamabad District, Armur. JAC stepped ahead and announced a bandh in Armur village. Interesting aspect is that these 2 leaders Chandra Babu Naidu and Jagan are living in Hyderabad which is in Telengana. Jagan started his yatra today morning from his home in Hyderabad which is in Telengana. Not even a single TRS supporter stopped Jagan in Hyderabad.

Political Analysts are saying that the TRS and the JAC are not interested in disturbing the city calmness. Due to recent agitations, Hyderabad city lost the attention of investors which will be a major loss in future if Separate Telengana is given. So TRS and JAC are putting Hyderabad on hold and are not even opposing these 2 politicians stay in Hyderabad.This indirectly indicates to public that they are moving away from Hyderabad to get Separate Telangana without Hyderabad.

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