Mahesh babu’s Relationship with Jagan

Mahesh Babu,YS Jagan, YSR ,Congress ,Youth, Icons, Superstar, KrishnaPrince Mahesh Babu is emerging as the No.1 hero in Tollywood with series of blockbusters. He has an immense fan following mainly youngsters and Mahesh is considered as a youth icon. Seeing his stardom and popularity, majority of the Political parties tried to grab him into their parties but Mahesh sweetly denied their request saying that he is not interested in Politics. But now things are changing and Mahesh is expected to help YSR Congress in the upcoming elections.

It is well known that Super Star Krishna and YSR were inspired by Ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and both of them entered Politics through Congress. After the demise of Rajiv Gandhi, Krishna left Congress but on the request of YSR he joined in Congress again giving respect to the deeds done to the common man by YSR. There are several gossips that YSR helped Krishna in the issues like Padmalaya Studio land. Even YSR tried to grab Mahesh into Politics in 2009 but failed to achieve it. After the death of YSR, Krishna once again kept full stop for Politics.

Now there is heavy possibility that if Krishna enters politics again, he will opt to be a member of YSR Congress Party rather than Congress. Recently Krishna’s wife Vijayanirmala and his son Naresh announced their support for YSR Congress Party. Adding to this, the good relationship between Mahesh and Jagan may help Jagan to use Mahesh in 2014 election campaign. Both Jagan and Mahesh are having huge fan following in youth and hence it will make YSR Congress much stronger.

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