A Star Romancing Publicly with his Girl friend

romance , public, sex, hot act, children, stars, TV actress,Domenic purcell, prison breakRomance is not a public act, even for a star. It is expression of love between two persons and it is best done in the privacy of their four walls. If it is expressed in public? That too in the presence of their own children? But a star has done this in public, unabashed and also in the presence of his own children.
The 41-year-old person in the obscene posture is Domenic Purcell famous star of the film ‘Prison Break’. He has performed this public romance with his girl friend and TV actress Analis, in the presence of his children. Even the international media has denounced his act. How can we blame the children for their waywardness, if parents themselves behave this way?

It is being said that Purcell has done it for publicity. But at the cost of children’s lives?

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