Govt. will not grant T-State: KCR

T-movement, T-state, separate state, state hood, telagana strike,KCR,Kchandrashekhar rao about congress,kcr about separate stateThe Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao confirms that the UPA government will not grant statehood for Telangana. During his recent interactions with the party colleagues and the important visitors, KCR has been giving vent to his frustration. He has been telling them directly that Telangana is not going to become a reality anytime soon.

“The only way before us is to strengthen our party politically and face the 2014 elections. Accordingly, the TRS has been preparing the ground for the next elections, without bothering much about the nature of the announcement from Delhi on Telangana issue.

KCR is particularly disappointed over the fact that the Congress leadership has not been consulting him before arriving at a decision. “If the Congress high command calls me to Delhi for talks, it means that they will agree for creation of Telangana state. The fact that I have not received any call means that they are not willing to concede the demand,” KCR said.

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