Insecure beach in the world

most dangerous, beach, Kilauea ,HawaiiKilauea (Hawaii):

This beach is located on the island of Hawaii. Kilauea is the most dangerous beach of the world. Since 1983, the lava is spewing into the ocean. In this beach you also see the big sharks that attack on humans. So be careful when you will be there.

Beach is a geological area along the shoreline of an ocean or sea. It usually consists of loose particles like sand, gravel, rock, pebbles. Mostly people want to visit there and enjoy their happy moments of life.

There are many types of beaches such as wild beaches. These beaches do not have lifeguards such as resorts and hotels. They called as undeveloped or undiscovered beaches. Wild beaches can be valued for their untouched beauty and preserved nature.

Some beaches have natural beauty but they are quiet dangerous for the visitors. If you want to visit these spots must be aware from the animals and should follow the instructions about that beaches.

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