Telugu Slate – First telugu educational iPad app

Telugu Slate - An interactive telugu educational app

telugu palaka iphone app, iOS app

Telugu Slate - An interactive telugu educational app

This is the age of smart phones and tablets, which drives interactive mobile app in every corner of the life. Particularly, iPhone and iPad are significant players (iOS) in this sector. These smart phones and tablets have special hardware capabilities such as MEMS, Gyros and high range (front and backfacing)cameras that can let these devices behave quite closer to humans with touch, direction, orientation and retinal graphics display.

Education sector is utilizing the advent of such technologies for making learning intuitive, interactive and fun-filled. Tablets such as iPad are letting children learn languages, alphabets and advanced mathematics just like playing a game with a touch of a finger. There are many interesting educational apps available, but most of them are for learning English.

Here is a new iPad educational app – “telugu slate” by Krify Software Technologies Private Limited. Its the first telugu app which helps children to learn alphabets very interactively. Treditionally, children use slates and papers for writing and learning letters. Telugu Slate (also called Telugu Palaka) present list of alphabets where each alphabet is associated with a character such as an animal icon for example. Once a character is selected, the slate displays the details of that character, how to write that character with arrow directions and interactive sound to help learning it and practicing it. It also presents four different colors to choose.

Screenshots of slate can be emailed or can be saved in the photo-gallery of the iPad for review in the later stage.

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Mr. Krishna Reddy Kovvuri, MD & CEO of Krify Software Technologies Private Limited, has said that the main theme of their free telugu slate iPad app is to make child learning intuitive and exciting. He said that the app is reviewed by Apple is available for download from Apple Store.

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