B- one: super hero of FB

Bhramanandham,bhrami, b-one, jaffa, face bookBhramanandam is the new superhero on Facebook with 3,334 people ‘liking’ him and 7,605 people commenting on ‘Funny Brammy’, an FB page that is fast growing popular among the many Tollywood fans of Bhramanandam Garu.

 Brammy takes a lot of pride in his work as a comedian and enjoys making people laugh. Now the Facebook page with its comic depictions of various politicians, actors and social workers and funny quotations is giving many of his fans some laughs. One fan says, “I don’t know who these people are but I really, really thank them for the great work they are doing.”

With Brammy on it, an Avatar becomes Bavatar, Ra-One becomes Ba-One, Sarkaar changes to BeKaar, and Hulk to Bulk. Brammy is in everybody’s shoes; SRK, Amitabh, Mahesh, Jr. NTR, Barrack Obama, and even Osama Bin Laden.

Other than the morphing of images and the dialogues that are put up are also some very famous coined words. ‘Jaffa’ is one word that that caught on thanks to him. Pradeep, a famous TV anchor, has a laugh when he goes through these pictures.

“Brahamanandam is a legend, a unique personality and very good at what he does. It is not easy to place the right expression and facial clip and make it look so lively and funny. The Anna Hazzare thing is the funniest, which reads, “We want the jaffa bill.” These pictures are stress busters for me.”

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