Top ten bars and night clubs in all over globe

bars,night club,VIP Room, Paris, Space, Ibiza, Sirroco, Bangkok, Reina, Istanbul, Opium mar, Barcelona, Nikki beach, Miami,, Hotel Costes, Paris, Dragon I, Hong Kong, Cavalli club, Dubai, Sevva, HongKong 1. Sevva, HongKong

Outstanding laser lighting with authentic food,

2. Cavalli club, Dubai
This club gives you a very rich classy vibe. What likeable about this place is their exotic fruit cocktails and lavish interiors.

3. Dragon I, Hong Kong
packed even on a Monday night, this club situated in the best area of Hong Kong. It is a hub of international crowds. They have an open air lounge outside with birdcages on top. It is an extravagantly lit club with staircase leading up to the dance floor packed with super models

4. Hotel Costes, Paris
The dark ambience and super model waitresses add to the mystique and romance of the place.

5. Nikki beach, Miami
Located between the beautiful beaches of Miami, this club is the ultimate party spot with the ultimate beach club for sand and music lovers.

6. Opium mar, Barcelona

It has license to remain open even 6 am, which makes it the ideal place to forget your worries and dance the night away. The fact that it situated on the beach is an added advantage especially on a hot summer night.

7.Reina, Istanbul
The crowd around is extremely glamorous, the food is fantastic and the music is unbelievable. Sipping on a drink with a gorgeous view of the sea in front of you is magical. Definitely, everything you would want for a perfect night out.

8.Sirroco, Bangkok
Towering over the entire city of Bangkok, Sirroco gives you the perfect blend of music and food with live music, a view seldom gets to see and some of the best dishes to try.

9. Space, Ibiza
Definitely a must visit when you are in Ibiza high energy levels and the best music international artistes play here all year round. Partying all over the world is incomplete if you haven’t visited Space!

10. VIP Room, Paris
The elites’ favourite club in the whole of France. Its décor and use of rich colours immediately captures your attention and gets you engulfed in its air of well developed.

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