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Grand celebrations

North American Telugu Association (NATA) conducted NATA ROJU in a grand scale where over 2000 people attended the event. It was amazing turnout considering that there was a very short time. The event rocked over 2000 people coming in at 5.00 PM and staying back until 1.30 AM next morning. It was community fun filled event with local talent performances and Tollywood artists’ performances.

Anuj, Kousalya and Raghu Kunche rocked the stage with electrifying performances. Vamsipriya and Raghunath also performed. Ramesh Chandra, Regional Vice President, NATA said this is one of a kind event and reiterated NATA’s commitment to the Telugu community and its culture. He said the event wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of the Telugu people and help from the NATA advisor Dr. Malla Reddy Pailla and Board of Director Mahender Reddy Musuku. He also thanked the support from Mohan Patalolla, Suresh Reddy, Rajeshwar Reddy, Dr. Prem Nandiwada and NATA Conference Adhoc committee member Srinivas Arikatla.

 The event was kicked off with Damu Gedala, cultural coordinator inviting the crowd and thanking NATA to give the opportunity to showcase the local talent. The local talent performances that were mind blowing were continued for over 3 hours. Over 200 children and young adults participated in the performances from the following dance schools/teachers and independently.





 The performances consisted of traditional classic dances songs to the folk to the latest movie songs and dances.

 Later the NATA board and officers including the Advisory committee member Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy, President AVN Reddy among others were introduced to the crowd by Mahender Musuku. Traditional lamp was lighted by Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy and the president. Mohan Talamati paid homage to late Sri. Arjun Dyap and a two minute silence was observed in his memory .The president explained the activities of NATA and its commitment towards the Telugu community. He also announced that NATA’s first conference will be held in Houston in 2012 and invited everyone to attend it. MANABADI, a Telugu learning program is taken up by NATA to let the children learn Telugu, he said. Sankar Tumuluru,MANABADI Coordinator was also present and thanked the president for the initiative.

 Rajeshwar reddy, NATA EVP expressed happiness about the way NATA is going with its commitments and thanked the crowd for showing the solidarity with NATA. Mohan Patalolla, NATA BOD requested Telugu people to take active part in the organization and help the organization serve the community better.NATA Secretary Pradeep Samala, BOD Raghava Reddy and several others spoke and expressed their gratitude to the Telugu people and committed their service to the community through NATA. Sreedhar Korsapati BOD invited everyone to NATA ROJU celebrations in Dallas on Sept 30th followed by board meeting on October 1st.

 Ganesh Bigala, Entrepreneur and Politician from Andhra Pradesh was honored for his commitment towards the upliftment of the Telugu people. Ganesh Bigala expressed happiness that the Telugu community hasn’t forgotten its culture and traditions. He emphasized the need of nurturing our children to commit to our values and history.

 Assembly man and Deputy Speaker of New Jersey Sri Upendra Chivukula was honored for his outstanding service to the people of New Jersey. Upendra Chivukula commended the work of NATA and requested to do more for the society.

 Antonia “Toni” Ricigliano, Mayor of Edison NJ was also honored and spoke on the occasion appreciating NTA’s community efforts. Jay Jimenez, Vice President for Government Affairs at St. Peter’s Healthcare System and Dr. Meena Murthy Coordinator of the Health Fair conducted by NATA were also honored for their help and support to the Telugu community.

 NATA BODs Venkat Vaddadi, Hari Velkur, Chinna Babu Reddy, Sreedhar Korsapati, RCs Murthuza Mohammed, Ravi Hajeebu, Mahender Reddy, Bhasker Bhupathi, Santosh Pathuri, Baba Sontyana, Committee chairs Mahesh Bigala, Srinivas Ganagoni, Women Coordinators Vishali bandi, Lakshmi Devineni, Committee members Sreedhar Gudala, Sravan and Office Coordinator Sekhar Konala were present among other many NATA leaders.

 Dr. Babu Rao Doddapuneni announced $10000 support from his foundation to ill fated Archana, who is undergoing rehabilitation after a dreadful accident that paralyzed her. Inspired by this Dr. Malla Reddy garu and Santosh Pathuri announced commendable donations to help her rehabilitate.Dr. Prem Nandiwada invited all the attendees to participate in the DIwali celebrations at Sri Guruvaayoorappan Temple on OCtoebr 29th.

 Later there was a musical night performed by famous musical stars. The Music Director & Singer Raghu Kunche, Singers Anuj, Kausalya, Vamsi Priya & Raghu entertained the audience nonstop. The program went on till midnight 1.30 PM. Anuj performance really thrilled the audience as he came off stage and mingled with audience and that really made audience with full of energies. At the end, all members of NATA went on stage and danced with singers, kids and expressed their happiness. The biggest highlight of the program was, around 100 kids continuously danced with on and off the stage. Kids enjoyed right from beginning without any restrictions. Kids went on stage several times and echoed with singers and danced in their way.

NATA with the help of donors, sponsored the entire event including the food with nonstop entertainment.

 Saroja Sagaram, Srinivas Sagaram and Vaidehi coordinated the scheduling and stage management, while Rajendra Prasad and Baba Sontyana were the MCs. The NATA President Sri AVN Reddy, Advisor Dr. Malla Reddy and BOD Mahender Musuku honored all the dance school teachers, artists, MCs and Donors with Plaques.

 The NATA Roju team consisted of Ramesh Chandra (RVP), Mahender Reddy (RC), Damu Gedala, Siva Meka, Sarath Veta, Satya Nemana, Srinivas Ranabothu, Prakash Kapila, Srinivas Karuturi, Rajani Karuturi, Suresh Ediga, Sudheer Panta, Sowjanya Alluri, Ranga Rao, Ramana Reddy, Bhanoji Reddy, Murlaidhar Reddy, Sravan Nagapuri , Ravi Dhannapuneni, Ravi Narava, Mohan Patalolla, Suresh Sadipiralla and Mahender Musuku.

 The event was possible with the support from lot of donors. Major donors were Dr. Malla Reddy Pailla, Sri Mohan Talamati, Sudhir Varma, Candor School, Hamilton Honda, Paradise Biryani Pointe, Law Offices of Prashanthi Reddy, Royal Albert’s palace, Ram Associates, Dr. Prem Nandiwada, Siva Meka, Venkat Yerubandi, Kishore Ganji, Suresh Sadipiralla, Mohan Patalolla and Mahender Musuku.

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