Why did Ram Reddy Priyadarshini stepped-out of Sakshi Group ?

Ram Reddy of Sakshi

It is confirmed that Sakshi 's Ram Reddy is out of Sakshi group

All the rumors have turned real true. 

Priyadarshini Ram Reddy, who is well known as Sakshi ‘s RAM has walked from Sakshi Media Group yesterday.  Sakshi Ram has very creative writing and outlook which is helping Sakshi Paper and TV till now, many say.  In the wake of  latest developments,  But with the latest developments no one understands the fate of daily and TV.

Some say that, Jagan group was not happy seeing Ram’s pictures every where in News Paper and that is the reason for this gap between him and Jagan.  However,  another group of sources says that YS Jagan has intentionally made Ram out of Sakshi to make him active in politics. Shortly we may see Ram Reddy playing key role in YSR Congress by the virtue of his oratory and writing skills.
On the other hand, some says that Ram’s work was only with Sakshi Family issue and nothing else. His presence or absence may not affect the Sakshi media, say some.

We should wait and see what is going to develop further .. !!

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